Raheny is done!

Well, what can we say?

The end of a show is always an emotional experience but this year was special for Raheny. Before the show is an extremely high pressure situation. Everyone wants to do well and make the best show possible. That's a lot of pressure to put on adults and most of all our junior cast, our kids.

We do expect a lot from our kids at the stage school because we know how hard they can work and the talent they have. Well, they proved us right again. They danced, sang, acted but not only that they showed a compassion to their friends and peers and most definitely to us.

Moments that friends were upset because of costume errors, missed lines, dance mistakes those kids in our school comforted their friends and built up their confidence. This was seen so much over the past two weekends and we were blown away by it.

This year had a lot of firsts too! Most of all from our seniors! We gave them the chance for a "senior takeover" on our social media. This gave them exposure to a different side of the pantos and really gave them responsibility and of course they did a brilliant job!

Now! Our cast! What a cast! Am I right? They took the script and made it their own. They brought their personalities, talents and creativity to help us put on a child friends and funny panto that all ages can enjoy. We received amazing review after amazing review because of all the work they put in and we hope you all enjoyed it too.

This was definitely a year of new friendships and positivity. We look forward to our show in the Summer and we will see you soon Raheny!

Jennifer Dunwoody