New beginning!

Here we go! As we come to the end of August it means another new panto season but this year with a lot of changes. 

We change venues, stories and welcome more new members into our stage family. This is our new website. This will be the hub of Causeway, just another way to communicate with out families.

First thing first, signing up has changed. We wanted to create a more secure and faster way of signing up to the Causeway Theatre School. You can find the form under the "Join us!" tab on this website.

The communication side is therefore also changing slightly. A lot of members have not been receiving our texts so to combat that we are changing the medium of communication to primarily email for anything that is extremely important or has a lot of information.

Over the next week or two as people begin to sign up we will be sending out our first email containing information on the new term. We can still be contacted by phone if you wish to speak with us or you can also write to us through email if you prefer that. We are so excited and we will be in contact very soon! 

Thank you again!


Jennifer Dunwoody