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Causeway Productions

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Causeway Productions is a theatre company dedicated to producing engaging, entertaining and relevant drama.



Gerry Herbert & Geraldine McComish


Catriona Loftus

Musical Director

Geoff Woods

Social Media and Public Relation

Jennifer Dunwoody

Here at Causeway we provide two community stage schools. Our stage schools focus on building the confidence of the children within the local communities through song, dance and drama.

We provide support and guidance to children from all backgrounds and levels. We enable the children to practice in all areas of drama and give them the building blocks to find their voice, develop coordination, explore their medium of expression in a safe and open space.

Our students well-being and confidence is our main motivator and will continue to influence our practices.



Previous Productions

In the past 3 years



Panto - Snow White's Big Adventure

Summer Show



Panto - Three Musketeers

Summer Show



Panto - Cinderella

Summer Show

Our pantos are for both for performers and audiences. They are fun filled family friendly experience that engages child of all ages and even the adults too. Our chorus is made up of all students from our stage schools. Our students and adult cast combine to make a top quality show in which everyone performs to their own personal best.

Our summer show is a chance for our students to shine. The focus is on them and they have the opportunity to challenge themselves in new and exciting ways through song, dance and drama.