Rules and Regulations

Causeway Productions Theatre School Rules

  1. Good behaviour is expected at all times from all members of the school. Any member of the school or associated parent / guardian or other person deemed by the Principals of the School, who are Gerry Herbert and Geraldine McComish, to be conducting themselves in an improper or disruptive manner or which is likely to bring the reputation of the school into disrepute a) will be directed to leave any given school session or production in which school members are participating and/or  b) may be suspended or dismissed permanently from the school. The decision of the Principals of the school in relation to all matters pertaining to the running and reputation of the school, including suspensions and dismissals, shall be final.
  2. All children must promptly follow the instructions of the teaching staff. Parents / Guardians must comply with teaching staff requests e.g. to leave the rehearsal / perfomance space or any adjacent spaces if requested to do so or to avoid any other activity which might disrupt the proper running of the school or a class or performance.
  3. Children must attend classes on time and must be collected immediately by a responsible person at the end of the class. Absences from a class, rehearsal or performance must be notified by text or phone call before that session is due to start.
  4. For the sake of all concerned, school members who persistently either miss classes or come late may not be permitted to partake in part or or all of a given performance. Absence should be rare and only for a very good reason.


Given the planning and hard work that goes into it, missing a performance is seen in the School as a very serious issue. Unplanned cast absences from performances cause serious disruption for other cast members and the production team in the running of any given show and should only be for serious and unforseeable reasons.

  1. Children may bring a drink of water or juice to the school. NO fizzy drinks, junk food (including popcorn, crisps or other snack food) or chewing gum is permitted.
  2. Children must wear runners or dance shoes and track suit bottoms to rehearsal. No jewellery. Any member of the school who is not properly dressed will not be allowed to participate in that rehearsal. This requirement is to ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, the avoidance of any injury to participants caused by attempting to perform in unsuitable footwear or clothing.
  3. The use of mobile phones during classes, rehearsals or performances is strictly prohibited. Phones must be put way safely and not taken out until the session is finished. If a parent needs to contact a child, please ring 086 037 3842 and your message will be passed on.
  4. At performances or rehearsals all parents or guardians must remain outside the rehearsal space, performance space, backstage areas and dressing rooms unless specifically authorised by the Principals of the School to be there. This is to ensure that our Child Protection Policy, Health and Safety measures and the School’s contractual obligations to the management of the rehearsal and/or performance venues are properly implemented.
  5. Parents and Guardians are required to adhere to the system for dropping off and collection of children to performances and rehearsals as advised by the school from time to time.
  6. These rules should be read and retained by each Parent / Guardian and explained by them to each child.  Your signature on the Causeway Productions Theatre School application means that you and your child agree to be bound by these rules and to abide by them.
  7. Causeway Productions Theatre School operates a formal Child Protection Policy in line with ethical and legal requirements. Our designated contact in this regard is Geraldine McComish who can be contacted on 086 037 3842 or on her private email at


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Data Protection

Causeway Productions Theatre School seek to adhere to the “Guidelines for taking and using images of children and young people in the Arts sector” issued by the Arts Council. As such, consent and signature of both the parent / guardian and, where possible, the child is required on this application to consent to the taking of photographs and / or  videos which will be reviewed before being issued on the Causeway Productions facebook page or used in any other manner which might be deemed appropriate by the principals of Causeway Productions Theatre School, such as the promotion and marketing of Causeway Productions. These images will be taken by a photographer designated by Causeway Productions Theatre School. No other photography will be allowed.

Causeway Productions & Causeway Productions Theatre School will process your confidential information – which includes your full name, your child / children’s names, contact details, date of birth, and IP address, photography permissions consent, details of your child’s previous stage training and any relevant medical history that you have disclosed to us, only for the purposes listed below. The data will be stored securely, no longer than necessary and solely for the completion of those activities.

To ensure the confidentiality of data and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) any third parties contracted by Causeway Productions and/or Causeway Productions Theatre School are under a strict data protection agreement. Causeway Productions and/ or Causeway Productions Theatre School will not publish or share your confidential data with any other third parties than mentioned herein.

Causeway will only use your information for the following:

·         For the purposes of teaching stage performance, administration, promotion and fee records in connection with all Causeway Productions and Causeway Productions Theatre School activities.

·         To ensure the confidentiality of data and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and any other relevant legislation or regulation to which our activities are subject.

Should you wish to stop any further communication from Causeway Productions or Causeway Productions Theatre School please either

·         ring us on 086 037 3842 or text STOP to that number or

·         write to us at instructing us to stop getting in touch with you